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151 Frobisher Drive Unit E119 Waterloo ON N2V 2C9, Canada

AirStream Systems is a full service supplier of large fans to cement plants throughout North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

AirStream’s Credentials

Experience: Upgraded more than 100 process fans driven by over 60,000 hp, ranging up to 160 diameter, 890oF and 9,000 hp.
Focus: Solving customers’ problems relating to production, maintenance and operation.
Benefits: Increased production and profits by removing fan bottlenecks.
Responsibility: Turnkey implementation of projects simplifies planning.
Guarantee: Energy savings and fan performance increases are guaranteed.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

10-30% Lower Energy Use. A recent Preheater ID fan upgrade reduced power consumption by over 1,000 kW.
Up to 10% Capacity Increase. Get more flow using most of your existing components: motor, housing and ductwork.
2 to 3 Times Less Wear. CAD modeling of impeller aerodynamics and dust flow results in fan designs that give 2-3 times longer fan life.
Less Dust Build-up. Reduce downtime due to vibration caused by sticky dust deposits.